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Yachts, technology and business interest us so we blog about them.

Dalmatian Yacht Charter

Our most recent blog post (Friday 2nd of September)
If you're looking for a unique and luxurious vacation, consider yacht chartering in Dalmatia. Located on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, this region of Croatia is known for...

Shortest Atlantic Crossing Bid

Andrew Bidwell is an ameteur sailor that is attempting to get into the record books by sailing across the Atlantic in the smallest yacht. The existing record was set in 1993 when H...
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Mediterranean Open For Charters Again

We look at how holiday makers are likely to charter in Europe in the first full holiday year of the pandemic.

Luxury Cruises in Greece

We focus on Greece this week as we look at the different areas that you might want to take a gulet on a family cruise.

The Ultimate List of Popular Holiday Destinations in Turkey

This week we take a look at some of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey, finishing with one you might have seen photos of but not heard of.

The Best Ways to Discover Croatia

There are many ways to enjoy beautiful Croatia. In our latest blog post we look at our favourite type of trip along with three land based options.

Yacht Charter Booking Sites

We have taken a look at the latest yacht charter booking sites and came across a site that impressed us.

Staying Connected at Sea with Superyacht WiFi

Yachts for charter with Wi-Fi is now an industry standard, but not all superyacht Wi-Fi is created equal. Here are 7 tips to ensure you get great Wi-Fi on your yachting vacation.
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Single Page Websites in 2018

In the third of our prediction blogs for 2018 we look at the rise the popularity in single page websites and how they can benefit your yacht charter company.
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Website Push Notifications in 2018

In the second in our series about our predictions for the most significant developments in website design in 2018 we look at the rise in push notifications.
© Andy Kelly

Artificial Intelligence Live Chat in 2018

In the first in a series of cutting edge website features that we predict will take hold in 2018 we explore adding artificial intelligence live chat to your website.
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Apple Slow Down Old iPhones

For some time iPhone users have speculated that Apple have been secretly slowing down old iPhones when they release updates for them. Apple have just confirmed that they have i...
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Christmas Out of Office Message Security Threats

You will be taking a well earned break from your small business over the Christmas period. Should you tell burglars that you are going away?

Five Reasons Your Website Needs SSL Encryption

There are many good reasons to encrypt your website using SSL. This article provides our top five reasons why you should do so.
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AC75 Class Concept Revealled

Emirates Team New Zealand have announced their concept for the yacht that will be raced in the 36th America's Cup and in true America's Cup style it looks like it is going to produ...