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Website Push Notifications in 2018

Our most recent blog post (Wednesday 17th of January)
In the second in our series about our predictions for the most significant developments in website design in 2018 we look at the rise in push notifications.
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Artificial Intelligence Live Chat in 2018

In the first in a series of cutting edge website features that we predict will take hold in 2018 we explore adding artificial intelligence live chat to your website.
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Apple Slow Down Old iPhones

For some time iPhone users have speculated that Apple have been secretly slowing down old iPhones when they release updates for them. Apple have just confirmed that they have i...
© Vera Cires

Christmas Out of Office Message Security Threats

You will be taking a well earned break from your small business over the Christmas period. Should you tell burglars that you are going away?

Five Reasons Your Website Needs SSL Encryption

There are many good reasons to encrypt your website using SSL. This article provides our top five reasons why you should do so.
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AC75 Class Concept Revealled

Emirates Team New Zealand have announced their concept for the yacht that will be raced in the 36th America's Cup and in true America's Cup style it looks like it is going to produ...
© Greig City Academy

School Takes Part in Fastnet

I was introduced to sailing in the second year of high school. The local authority school that I attended had it's fair share of social "issues". Despite being one of the three low...

Clipper Yacht Runs Aground

Most sailors are familiar with the nighttime Vestas grounding in the last Volvo Ocean Race. This time it is the turn of another round the world race, the Clipper (which is not unfa...
© US Navy

Yachtswomen Rescued after Five Months Adrift in Pacific

The US Navy's USS Ashland has rescued two very relieved sailors along with their dogs after they had been adrift in the Pacific for five months. Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiaba...
© Mirpuri Foundation

Volvo Ocean Race Women

The Volvo Ocean Race are in the midst of announcing a raft of rule changes and the first change is an interesting one. The gist of the rule is that you can have a maximum of seven...
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Be My Eyes For Android

Of the millions of apps that are launched many of them are a waste of time, either because they are dire or because they are so compelling they literally waste your time. The Be My...

Hurricane Irma Damages Yacht Charter Fleets

The Caribbean yacht charter industry is used to dealing with the hurricanes that batter their islands every Autumn. To cope they take their large fleets to "hurricane holes" where...

Shoe Dog

Bill Gates recommended that I read Shoe Dog. I read Shoe Dog. It is the autobiography of Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, and is a compelling story about how a student from hum...

Customer Tweets Tesla for New Feature and Elon Delivers

It is refreshing to see social media used correctly by a large company. Many times replies to suggestions that customers make on Twitter are bland or politely worded excuses. I hav...

Edinburgh Yachtsman Wins YJA Yachtsman of the Year

Congratulations to the novice deaf sailor from Edinburgh, Gavin Reid, who won the prestigious YJA Yachtsman of the Year 2016. Gavin beat off many of his yachting heroes to win t...