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Bing Predicts Scottish Referendum Outcome

Tuesday 16 September 2014
I'm very impressed to see that Bing can predict the future based on its research as it crawls the Internet. Companies have been analysing social media posts during an event before, usually with the help of a hashtag but this is the first time I am aware of a search engine trawling newspaper articles to predict an outcome.

Bing's predictions are still in their early days but the results are highly impressive. It predicted virtually every winning team in the Brazil World Cup.

As a Scot who lives and works in Scotland this is of particular interest to me at the moment as my fellow countrymen and women are going to be voting in large numbers for and against independence in two days. Bing is confidently predicting that the people of Scotland will vote to stay in the United Kingdom.

You can view the latest result by searching for scottish referendum.

I will be watching the referendum results closely because they will affect the future of my family, friends and business. I'll also be interested in the result to see if Bing's ability to predict the future is spot on. I hope so.