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Hop Case

Tuesday 16 October 2012
A company called the Cargo Collective have invented a suitcase that follows you around. It is a clever idea and must have taken a lot of work to create their prototype but unfortunately it does not take much imagination so spot flaws in the concept:

- Will take up a lot of space and add weight to case
- If batteries run out you will loose your luggage
- Easy to steal
- Very slow
- Looks unstable (make sure you pack everything low down)
- Will not cope with crowded airports (the only kind I know)
- Will probably be expensive (a lot more expensive that a fabric strap)
- Will hold you up every time you go through airport security as you explain why your hand luggage is robotic
- Will need to be very robust to survive baggage handling (robust = weight, space & cost)

Modern society often seems to care more about solving problems that do not exist than much more serious problems which do.