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Mike is Going to Build a RIB

Tuesday 10 January 2012
The director of Yachting Limited is going to build a RIB. That's not all, he is making the whole experience an open, online experience so you can watch how he gets on and chip in your ideas at

Interesting project! Do you have a design yet? Can you relay construction details? Best Dan Crete
Dan Crete - Tuesday 10 January 2012 19:07:00
Hi Dan. The plans are not finished yet. The first step is going to be to build a scale mockup of my current thinking on how the boat should be constructed. This will be uploaded to the site for the community`s suggestions, comments, etc in a few weeks. I`d love it if you were to chip in when that is uploaded. Cheers, Mike
Mike Poole - Tuesday 10 January 2012 19:18:00
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