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Satellite Comms in Your Pocket

Friday 16 September 2011
I like tech when it fills an unmet requirement but I don't think I have ever eagerly awaited a piece of kit as much as DeLorme's new inReach satellite communicator. I'll be able to pair this baby with my bluetooth smartphone and send short text messages and emails from the middle of the ocean. I am excited that the subscription will be affordable but what makes me happiest is that communication will be two-way. Add the facts that it has GPS built in, can send SOS messages, is small, runs on AA batteries and is impact resistant, waterproof and floats and I am in gadget heaven.

I can imagine this making not just staying in regular touch with the office and family so much more possible but the tracking benefits are tremendous. This piece of kit would work nicely with Yacht Plotter to allow delivery and race crews to track and analyse their voyages.

DeLorme say the communicator will be available in mid-October. In my mind mid-October has just become the new Christmas.
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