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School Takes Part in Fastnet

Wednesday 15 November 2017
I was introduced to sailing in the second year of high school. The local authority school that I attended had it's fair share of social "issues". Despite being one of the three lowest attaining schools in Edinburgh they offered some great outdoor activities. I enjoyed kayaking, skiing and orienteering trips but my absolute favourite activity was the sailing. The school taught us to sail Wayfarer dinghies on an inland loch and I was instantly hooked. I am convinced that the sailing I did as a result of this has been beneficial not just to my enjoyment but has also been beneficial to my character.

I was excited to see that another inner city school offers sailing to its students. Greig City Academy does not just provide a short course in dinghies, they go the whole way and take part in the Fastnet on the schools' own yacht. In doing so they became the first comprehensive school to take part in the race.

The schools' Ofsted report includes what must be unique comments for a local authority school:
“The academy owns boats, including a yacht moored in Poole Harbour, and many pupils are given the opportunity to learn to sail. Pupils are proud to be part of the academy’s ‘sailing club’ and were keen to tell their stories to inspectors. For instance, three Year 11 pupils told of their desire to study close to the sea so that they could continue to sail.”

"Scaramouche" is a 46 foot Admiral's Cup yacht. She is 36 years old which is more than double the age of the students that have been learning to sail her. This is a great opportunity and will do wonders for the confidence and maturity of the pupils that take part in the campaign. No wonder the pioneering Tracy Edwards has agreed to be the patron of their sailing club.