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Church Website Creator

In 1995 Yachting Limited developed the second ever website within our global church family. Following this we were the UK reps for the UpCyberDown platform. Since then we have developed various church websites. We would like to use our talents to help you spread the gospel by allowing you to use our platform to easily build your church website.

No knowledge of HTML or hosting is required, you simply choose the template that you like, tweak it to suit your congregation and add the content you want.

The system has been specifically created for churches and contains not only the specialist features you want to make a great website but also helps you to plan and present your services.

Best of all, the core features are completely free!


Central to the website builder is the ability to easily create and edit pages on your website. As with most of the site's features you can allow different users to add and edit different content.

Bible Integration

We developed HyperBible in 2000 to make the Word easy to access online or on a BlackBerry tablet. Since then HyperBible has given way to larger projects and the website builder now embeds verses from YouVersion.

Event Planning

Adding events to your church calendar is only the beginning. Our event system allows you to easily increment weekly events which include every aspect of the worship and presentation.

News and Blogs

The failing of many websites is that they do not contain fresh material. Our news and blog feature allows you to easily keep visitors updated by adding news items or uploading your church newsletter.

Photo Gallery

Adding engaging images is easy with the website creator which automatically creates and uses thumbnails in optimal sizes and resolutions.

Prayer Requests

A church website should not just look pretty but should help us in our Christian lives. What better way to do this than allowing prayer requests to be securely added and viewed.

Sermon Audio and Video

The 'tape ministry' has evolved over the years. Gone are the days of copying tapes. Our platform provides YouTube integration and podcast feeds.

Serving Rota

The administration of your church is eased by the use of the inbuilt rota which integrates with the event system to allow you to allocate opportunities to serve.

Get Involved

During the development of the system we are inviting churches to create their free site. Please let us know if you would like your church to be considered.