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Microsoft's initial brief was to design a comprehensive visual identity for its new IT Academy Program.


Microsoft IT Academy identity


This identity was taken further to include designs for a large range of products including:

  • folders
  • fact sheets
  • coasters
  • CD-ROMs
  • PowerPoint templates
  • web templates
  • customised name badges
  • baseball caps


Microsoft Hired poster


Microsoft were so impressed with the designs that we were asked to do what we do best and develop two data driven websites for them. The first of these was an e-commerce shop which included our favourite part of the project. This allowed the user to customise their marketing materials (e.g. name badges) on screen and to have them printed on a state of the art digital printing press. The other element was to use their brand new .NET technology to build a management information system, allowing them to administer thousands of academies and centres in the UK program.

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