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Aggregate Totals

January 201676,891
February 201664,483
March 201663,298
April 201665,000
May 201661,653
June 201669,689
July 201676,991
August 201673,645
September 201668,749
October 201663,747
November 201662,971
December 201661,008
January 201766,971
February 201765,188
March 201770,541
April 201767,243
May 201762,245
June 201764,685
July 201766,047
August 201775,530
September 201779,655
October 201761,875
November 201757,371
December 201755,595
January 201863,313
February 201860,041
March 201853,211
April 201850,660
May 201856,635
June 201852,212
July 201847,078
August 201847,581
September 201846,115
October 201854,618
November 201849,834
December 201853,151
January 201963,403
February 201955,891
March 201960,506
April 201962,601
May 201966,391
June 201964,210
July 201966,675
August 201969,545
September 201959,403
October 201956,874
November 201966,436
December 201960,210
January 202052,205
February 202064,331
March 202052,401
April 202034,114
May 202039,503

Yachting Websites

Yachting Limited has developed the following yachting websites.

Yachting Domains

Yachting Domains

Great yachting domain names at a reasonable price.

This site had 8,252 unique visitors viewing 49,591 pages in May.
Yacht Charter Guide

Yacht Charter Guide

The world's most comprehensive list of yacht charter companies.

This site had 5,809 unique visitors viewing 405,874 pages in May.
Yachting Limited

Yachting Limited

This site had 2,999 unique visitors viewing 62,402 pages in May.
Sailing Schools

Sailing Schools

International directory of sailing schools.

This site had 2,277 unique visitors viewing 76,405 pages in May.
Marina Directory

Marina Directory

The marina directory.

This site had 2,133 unique visitors viewing 123,787 pages in May.
Sailing Clubs

Sailing Clubs

International directory of sailing clubs.

This site had 2,071 unique visitors viewing 31,590 pages in May.


Sailing tactics and sail trim for all levels of sailor.

This site had 1,371 unique visitors viewing 7,254 pages in May.
Yacht Game

Yacht Game

Learn and play the yacht dice game.

This site had 1,093 unique visitors viewing 3,338 pages in May.
Edinburgh Web Design

Edinburgh Web Design

Edinburgh web design company since 1997.

This site had 858 unique visitors viewing 3,874 pages in May.
Yacht Plotter

Yacht Plotter

Free yacht tracking solution.

This site had 785 unique visitors viewing 3,674 pages in May.


This site had 559 unique visitors viewing 2,556 pages in May.


This site had 502 unique visitors viewing 1,554 pages in May.

In addition there are various task specific websites such as My Yachting Limited which provide central services to the main sites.