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Apple Slow Down Old iPhones

Thursday 21 December 2017
For some time iPhone users have speculated that Apple have been secretly slowing down old iPhones when they release updates for them.

Apple have just confirmed that they have indeed been deliberately slow down older iPhone models without telling customers that they are doing so. They say that it is not in order to encourage users with older handsets such as the iPhone 6S to upgrade to their latest handsets though I suspect this is what users will do when they realise that their phone has suddenly become slower.

Apple say that the move is to prevent the phone from over exerting the aging battery. So as well as having the shorter battery life that an old battery provides users will now also have a speed cap on their phone.

So what can users do about it? As far as I see it they have five options:
  1. Allow Apple to keep throttling your iPhone.
  2. Fork out £699 for a new iPhone 8.
  3. Fork out £999 for an iPhone 10.
  4. Replace the iPhone battery (a 26 step process involving tools that takes up to 45 minutes).
  5. Decide it is time to switch to Android (a genuine Samsung Galaxy S5 battery costs £11.99 and can be changed without tools in a minute).

Update - On the 28th of December Apple apologised to customers about the way they communicated this issue.