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Artificial Intelligence Live Chat in 2018

Tuesday 2 January 2018
In 2007 Yachting Limited won the best freestyle bot in a Microsoft bot development contest. Our bot allowed a customer to request yacht charter quotes by having a natural conversation with yachtbot using Instant Messenger.

Since then it has become increasingly common to see live chat features in the bottom right hand corner of a website. Users love these and happily enter their requests into them so that they can instantly connect with the business that they are trying to communicate with. At least they love doing so until they realise that there is no response because the humans in the small business that they are trying to communicate with are off doing something else.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) such as yachtbot comes in. Because of some great cloud technology such as Google's Dialogflow it is now possible for bots to be embedded into your website. This is a great step forwards because chatbots will no longer be confined to Facebook Messenger, Skype of Instant Messenger but up front on the homepage of your website.

The technological side of things is progressing very quickly. Although conversational AI is still in its early stages chatbots can take part in 80% of conversations. The more they are used the better they learn because of machine learning.

The customer acceptance side of things is moving along quickly to. Thanks to the widespread use of conversational agents such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana users are becoming increasingly comfortable asking a machine for assistance. The response is often more helpful than you might get from a human assistant in a foreign call centre.

Our prediction is that the first wave of AI chatbots will appear on websites in the second half of 2018. They won't be perfect so will have their critics but they will pave the way for a much wider adoption of more advanced AI's with improved emotional empathy in the final two years of the decade. Servion predicts that by then 95% of all customer interactions will take place using conversational AI. It will be highly usual for customers to order their concert tickets, fast food or yacht charter quotes via an AI website chatbot.

If you are interested in having an intelligent chatbot on the homepage of your website please get in touch with us for a demonstration.