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Hurricane Irma Damages Yacht Charter Fleets

Wednesday 6 September 2017
The Caribbean yacht charter industry is used to dealing with the hurricanes that batter their islands every Autumn. To cope they take their large fleets to "hurricane holes" where the mangroves protect the yachts from the worst of the wind and waves.

Paraquita Bay is a popular hole. This is where The Moorings and Sunsail take their large cat fleets for protection. Unfortunately Irma battered her way through Paraquita Bay and has caused what surely must be millions of dollars worth of damage to the yachts that were sheltering there.

The Moorings and Sunsail (both part of TUI Group) have posted this update on their websites:

"We have reports of extensive damage to our fleet and buildings and will be assessing the situation over the next 24 hours."

Ron Gurney took a startling photograph of the damaged yachts in the Bay as the hurricane passed over. His photograph shows dozens of catamarans floating in a large clump of damaged yachts, many of them capsized and most missing their masts.

The image of these yachts lying scattered is not only a disaster for these companies but is a personal tragedy for the men and women who own these yachts through ownership programs.

The real tragedy of the hurricane though is the loss of life that it has caused throughout the Caribbean. Hopefully no lives were lost in Paraquita Bay.