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Mediterranean Open For Charters Again

Thursday 12 May 2022
Thanks to the remarkable success of COVID-19 vaccination programs in most developed nations, countries around the Mediterranean opened their borders to visitors again in the spring and summer of 2021.

Opting for Luxury

With the borders now open 2022 is expected to be a popular year for luxury yacht charters. Many holiday makers have gone several years without going on holiday and will be eager to spend the money they had saved. For many this will mean that for the first time a crewed yacht charter will be a possibility.

Naturally Distanced

With the pandemic being far from over visitors are cautious to holiday away from the crowds that will be returning to popular towns and cities. This is where chartering a yacht is a first class solution. Not only are your family and friends all isolated in your own beautiful secluded accommodation but the small crew that are serving your every need are also similarly protected throughout the course of your holiday.

As the guest you have the opportunity to decide on the level of exposure you would prefer. If you'd like to moor in small towns or even cities you can do that, spending the night back on the yacht. If you are more cautiously minded then you can avoid towns completely for the entire duration of your cruise.

What Would I Choose?

As a European who is keen to avoid long-haul flights during the pandemic I'd probably opt to stay in Europe this summer.

I love nature and can think of nothing more relaxing than bobbing at anchor in a secluded bay. At times reading a book and then perhaps swimming or exploring the shore. Every Mediterranean country, with the exception of small city states such as Gibraltar and Monaco, has such places.

That's just me though. We all have our preferences so if it is your first time booking a yacht I'd recommend speaking with a broker that knows the yachts, their locations and crews well so they can make suggestions for your well deserved and much needed vacation.