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Peli Case Care

Friday 28 December 2012
I have been taking advantage of the quiet holiday period to take some care of the cases that have been protecting our stuff on the boat.

I decided to remove the residue left by some sticky labels that were on the Peli Cases. Instead of buying yet another specialist product I rooted around the kitchen and tried some grapeseed oil. I poured a little of it onto the case, smeared it around a little with my fingers and then removed the oil and gunk with some cotton wool. It worked like a dream and required only a little amount. Best of all is that the oil was really nice to work with (no protective gloves required).

I also took Peli up on their lifetime guarantee and got in touch with the helpful staff in the UK who sent me a spare purge valve to replace one that had got knocked off one of the smaller cases. Many thanks to Deborah and Gail for their speedy service.