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Sailing Yachts and LEDs

Friday 4 November 2011
If you're the kind of guy who likes to take his sailing yet out into open waters at twilight, or who just happens to get stuck on the water in the dark for no apparent reason, chances are you rely on boating lights far more than most. Unfortunately, the use of normal incandescent bulbs on a yacht of this type can be a serious drain on the boat's battery. Incandescent lamps are highly inefficient. Though they're designed only for lighting uses (unless, of course, you intend to cook a meal with your Easy Bake Oven), incandescent bulbs expend 90% of the energy they use as heat, leaving only a small fraction to put toward light production. So using these bulbs will drain the charge out of your sailing yacht's battery and not even provide sufficient light quality most likely.

With sailing yacht LED lights, you can eliminate that energy inefficiency problem and get improved lighting quality to boot. LED navigation lights have become increasingly more popular in recent years as the initial cost for the technology has decreased and more consumers become aware of the effective use of available energy LEDs provide. Regardless of their shape or form, LEDs maintain their lighting efficiency, something that other energy efficient lights like fluorescents aren't able to claim. So no matter how you assemble or use these new lights, you're bound to see less energy wasted.

Plus, LED lights are bright, bold, and ultramodern. If you are trying to make your sailing yacht look all the more impressive, you won't want to be settling for dull or dim navigation lights. With vivid colors and excellent visual coverage, you'll be seen by other vessels in advanced while also doing it in style. And when you're piloting a boat in the dark, what more could you ask for?