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Vestas Sailrocket 2 Averages Almost 60 Knots

Thursday 22 November 2012
After a decade of planning, building and sailing very, very quickly Paul Larsen's Vestas Sailrocket 2 has broken the sailing speed record by averaging 59.38 knots over 500 metres. Once the World Speed Sailing Record Council has ratified the record I am sure the team will be having a well earned party.

It is an amazing engineering achievement to get a boat to sail at three times the speed of the wind. Lots of factors contribute towards this including the usual suspects of lightweight materials/crew, high speed foiling and low drag coefficient.

I find the most intriguing reason for the success that the fuselage and beam are angled at 20 degrees to the wind so that they are facing into the apparent wind.

Update: 24th November 2012
They have now logged speeds of 68.01 knots over one second and 65.45 knots over 500 meters. Amazing!