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Yacht Charter Booking Sites

Monday 20 August 2018
When we developed Yacht Charter Guide in 2001 it was the first comprehensive listing of yacht charter companies in the world. The aim was simple - to make it easy for customers to book a yacht charter direct. While our Guide is remains the most comprehensive in the world a number of other sites have sprung up with significantly more funding.

One of the yacht charter sites that has impressed us is Zizoo. They are a German company that offer yacht charters worldwide.

Their service is classed as "Great" by Trustpilot with 79% of customers classing their service as excellent. Customers like the competitive prices that they offer. I would have to agree that looking at their yacht charter Greece prices they seem to be good value for money, especially their last minute deals where I saw you can save between 15% and 26%.

The thing that impressed me about their site is that previous customers have reviewed the exact boat that is listed and not just the company that you are chartering from. This is a great feature because the condition of yachts can vary significantly and items not working on yachts is one of the greatest areas of complaint in the industry. This can only drive up standards in the industry and improve customer confidence in the same way as Airbnb and Tripadvisor have given us extremely detailed information about places to stay.